Just say YES – Seven day devotional – Day 3

Day 3

2 Kings 4: 1-8 Tells the story of a women whose husband died and left her with a debt. Creditors were coming to take her two boys as payment. Elisha the prophet asks her, ‘What do you have in your house’? ‘She tells him that all she has is a little jar of oil. Elisha tells her to go get as many empty jars as she can find and pour oil into all the jars. When all the jars were full and there were no more jars left, the oil stopped flowing. Elisha then tells her to sell the oil, pay her debts and live on what is left.

This is a perfect example of how God can use our little and to do much. The widow was in a desperate situation. Not only could she not pay her debts, but the creditors were going to take her sons as payment. She could have looked at what she had in the natural and thought what good can this do, or, trust God to do something miraculous with what was in her hands. What she needed was enough to pay her creditors and keep her boys. What she received, was not only what she needed, but also enough to live on.

We desperately needed to pay off debts that we had accumulated from the business we had bought and that stripped us of everything. To leave the shores of our own country and serve in another, we not only needed a clean slate, but money to live on. The oil we had were our possessions for sale in our garage. I am not kidding when I say to you, people were coming almost daily to our house to buy things from what started out as our one-day garage sale (yard sale). As God sent people to buy, we would pour that oil into jars that needed filling and found we still had enough left over to live on. In the natural it didn’t add up, but we paid our debt. it was a miracle.

Just as God filled our jars with oil, He will do it for you also. What is your oil? Begin pouring that oil as needed and watch God refill your flask over and over again until there is not only enough for what you need, but also enough to live on.

Q: What is in your hands right now that God can use and multiply to propel you into your God given purpose?

Q: What is the word of God saying to you?

2 Corinthians 9:10 (TPT): This generous God who supplies abundant seed for the farmer, which becomes bread for our meals, is even more extravagant toward you. First he supplies every need, plus more. Then he multiplies the seed as you sow it, so that the harvest of your generosity will grow.

2 Kings 4:3 (NIV) : ‘Bring me another jar’, she said to one of her sons. ‘There aren’t any more’! he told her. And then the olive oil stopped flowing. When she told the man of God what had happened, he said to her, ‘Now sell the olive oil and pay your debts, and you and your sons can live on what is left over’.

Trust God in your journey


Published by Deborah Hilton

I am passionate about seeing people connected with their purpose. To rise up and not be afraid to take that first step because you can trust God in your journey. As you read the journey I took in my book called Just Say Yes, you will find that you too can have confidence to walk your own. Deb x

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