Not just any banner

He brought me to his banquet hall and raised the banner of love over me.’ Song of Solomon 2:4 (GNT)

Recently I shared a devotional with our team on God’s faithful love. As I was preparing, I asked God what fresh revelation of His love did He want to reveal to us. Immediately He dropped this scripture into my heart. Many of you will know this verse, but even if you do not, take a moment to read it again, then take it in as I have broken it down so you get a deeper understanding of the overwhelming love God has towards us.

He brought me

What a gentleman our Father God is. God does not tell us to go to the banquet hall. He doesn’t send us to the banquet hall. He doesn’t leave us to find our own way to the banquet hall. God Himself escorts us in.

When Paul picked me up for our first date, he escorted me to a restaurant. He didn’t just call out from his car to me, (I would not have been impressed with that anyway) but he got out of his car, came up to my house, knocked on the door, came in and waited for me. When I came out of my room, he complimented me, took my hand, led me down the front steps and opened the car door for me. When we got to the restaurant, he opened the car door for me and again took my hand and proudly led me right into the restaurant to where we were to sit. This is what ‘He brought me in’ means. This is what the scripture is talking about here. 

This is how God treats you and I. He brings us in by coming right up to where we are, takes us by the hand and proudly guides us in.

He brought me into His banquet hall 

This was no ordinary place God was taking us to. This was His banquet hall. A banquet speaks of a place of plenty. This is not a place of just enough, but a place of abundance. A prepared feast. Firstly, God desires to escort us to the place He has prepared for us, and then He presents us with provision, more than we can contain. This is our generous gentleman – Father God. This alone would be more than enough for us, but He doesn’t stop there.

And He raised the banner of love over me

As we enter this banquet hall, He raises up a banner over us. Not just any banner, but HIS LOVE BANNER.

According to a biblical meaning: banners are known as proclamations, bold statements of fact displayed over people, places, and things. In ancient times and throughout Scripture, banners were known as a sign to declare allegiance to God, a nation or an army. Banners helped lead the Israelites into battle.

God tells us here that He has raised a banner, a declaration of His ‘love banner’ over us. An allegiance of love over us. 

Our God is extravagant in His provision and extravagant in His commitment of love to us. Do you believe it?

When that truth goes from head knowledge to heart revelation, I believe it removes barriers we can have when we want to come into God’s throne room. 

The enemy will try and tell you that God doesn’t love you because of this or that, but God has made a declaration of love over you and God does not say one thing and do another. 

God’s word is truth and His promises to us are sure. Walk in confident assurance that He loves you and He provides for you and walks proudly beside you continually.


Published by Deborah Hilton

I am passionate about seeing people connected with their purpose. To rise up and not be afraid to take that first step because you can trust God in your journey. As you read the journey I took in my book called Just Say Yes, you will find that you too can have confidence to walk your own. Deb x

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