Step out of your comfort zone

I have titled this first blog, ‘Step Out of your Comfort Zone’, because that is what it takes to achieve all that is in your heart to do. I know! I have done it many times and am in a place where I am about to do it again. You have to know, comfort zones or comfort places, are just that. Comfortable and cushy. Why would we want to move from that?

However, we were never created to just sit in a comfort place for too long because growth and dreams are not birthed from that position. 

So how do you know when you are to move out of that cozy corner to launch out into the deep? It usually comes with a shift. A shift in your outlook, your thinking or your spirit in what you are presently doing. What was once fulfilling, felt right, had purpose for your life, now doesn’t seem to quite fit anymore.  This shift may come as a gradual growing sense of wind changing for your life or a sudden revelation that a shift has indeed taken place. However it comes, that call, that whisper from the spirit of God, I can tell you, you will know it. 

In the moving from the comfortable to the uncomfortable to get to the next season of your life, will life be a breeze in getting there? Definitely not! Just because you are being obedient to the call doesn’t mean life will have you floating on a cloud. If you want a non-eventful, risk free life, stay at home, lock your doors and don’t leave your house. Stay safe. But God hasn’t called us to easy or safe. He has called us to push the boundaries, to take risks and to be influencers who will leave a mark on this planet. Saying YES, even when it is uncomfortable, will do more for you than your no can possibly ever accomplish. So come on, step up to the plate and say YES. 

If I think of how our life would have been had we not taken the giant YES step and leave our home town in Australia to go to the nations island state of Tasmania that would eventually lead us to Asia, we would have missed out on so many amazing experiences and growth lessons that took us deeper with God. We would have missed knowing the countless people from all around the world with whom we have great relationships now. Whose lives have enriched us, grown us, positioned us and believed in us, as well as us having the privilege to do the same for them. We would have missed out on the opportunity of standing before prominent influential people and ministering to them. We would have missed out on the chance of playing a part in seeing the national brothers and sisters in the nation we are serving in gain registration of their denomination and that alone was worth it. We would have missed out on serving the people of Asia and missed out on gaining so much knowledge and cultural understanding that led myself and a few others to writing Life Skills programs that are now being used all around the world.  If I were to tell you everything we have had the opportunity to do and be involved in, simply by getting out of our comfortable place and saying YES to God, it would take a whole other book to tell you about it. Saying YES is definitely better than safe and mundane! 

Seriously, don’t stay safe. Unlock your front door, step outside and let the sun shine on your face because there is a world out there to be won and a life to be lived to the full.

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Published by Deborah Hilton

I am passionate about seeing people connected with their purpose. To rise up and not be afraid to take that first step because you can trust God in your journey. As you read the journey I took in my book called Just Say Yes, you will find that you too can have confidence to walk your own. Deb x

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